Benicia Plein Air Gallery Newsletters

Featured artists, upcoming shows, events, artists' news and more

April 2019, Issue One

Nancy Roberts exhibit and gallery news

May 2019, Issue One

Stephen Berry exhibit and gallery news

April 2019, Issue Two

Benicia Open Studios, May 4 & 5

June 2019 Gallery News

Susan Johnson exhibit, Art Walk and gallery news

July 2019 Gallery News

MaryLou Correia exhibit, Art Walk and gallery news

August 2019 Gallery News

Judith Kunzle exhibit, Benicia Plein Air Paint-Out and gallery news

September 2019 Gallery News

Iris Sabre exhibit, Art Walk and gallery news

Benicia Plein Air Paint-Out, 2019

All about the 4th Annual Benicia Plein Air Paint-Out, August 24, 2019

October 2019 Gallery News

JoAnn McMahon exhibit, Art Walk and gallery news

November 2019 Gallery News

Maria SantoStefano exhibit and gallery news

December 2019 Gallery News

Celebrating Benicia group show and holiday minis

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March 2020 Gallery News

Catherine Fasciato exhibit and gallery news

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July 2020 Gallery News

Gallery is Open Again: MaryLou Correia exhibit and more

August 2020 Gallery News
Karen Leoni exhibit and gallery news
September 2020 Gallery News
JoAnn McMahon exhibit and gallery news
October 2020 Gallery News
Carol Tarzier exhibit and gallery news
November 2020 Gallery News
Suzanne D'Arcy exhibit and gallery news