Beautiful Benicia Plein Air Gallery is located in Benicia's thriving, historic downtown shopping and tourist district. The gallery specializes in plein air paintings that celebrate the beauty of the Bay Area, Northern California and beyond. It is a co-op of 12 artists who exhibit their work, staff the gallery, share all expenses and participate in Benicia's vibrant program of arts-oriented community events.

Benicia Plein Air Gallery presents an ongoing exhibit featuring all members. Each artist has a wall space that shifts every two months for variety. About once a year each member is showcased as the Featured Artist with a solo show and reception, and the gallery also presents occasional special group shows with themes. All sales go directly to the artist and the gallery takes no commission. The gallery's website, newsletter, publicity outreach and social media presence actively promote and encourage all members.

Benicia Plein Air Gallery Membership

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Co-op members pay monthly dues of $115, staff the gallery 4 or 5 times each quarter, attend monthly business meetings via Zoom and contribute their skills to keep the gallery successful. New members are chosen by the current group after a review of all applicants.