Artist Information: Benicia 2nd Annual Plein Air Paint Out.

Saturday August 26, 2-17

Starting at 8 am we will begin registration at the Benicia Plein Air Gallery.. You can bring as many canvasses (watercolor paper or board) as you wish to be stamped for the Paint Out. You will be given a packet with your panel number on a label for your painting. Please wear your name tag throughout the day. 

2:45 - 3 pm hang your framed painting on the panel with your number. On your painting label, please fill out the name of the painting and the price. 15% of sales will go to the Plein Air Gallery.

3 - 4 pm Judging. Please leave the display area while the judge chooses the winners. All artists will be asked to stand in front of the gallery for a group photo during judging. When the judge finishes, winners will find a label on their painting stating their prize.

4 - 4:30 Winners will take their paintings to the front of the gallery, when their names are called, to shake the hands of the mayor and judge and collect their ribbon and pose for a photo. When the awards are all presented the winners will come back to the front of the gallery and choose their merchandise prizes, 1st place gets first choice and so on... Painting sales

4 - 6 Painting sales. Music and food. Chat with the public about your work. 

6 pm take down.