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“Plein Air” means “open air” and signifies outdoor painting that captures nature’s light. Plein Air painting became famous in France in the 19th century. The invention of paints in tubes enabled impressionist artists, such as Van Gogh and Monet, to paint outdoors, en plein air.

"Not until the late 1860s, with the work of Claude Monet, Pierre-Auguste Renoir, and Camille Pissarro, the leaders of Impressionism, did painting en plein air become more popular. This change came about from 1881, when Monet, in his efforts to capture the true effects of light on the colour of landscape at any given moment, began to carry several canvases at once into the out-of-doors. On each he began a painting of the same subject at a different time of day; on subsequent days, he continued to work on each canvas in succession as the appropriate light appeared." Britannica

May 2018

Featured artist: Susan Johnson

Reception: June 9, 3-5pm


November 2018

Featured artist: Iris Sabre

Christmas Tree goes up

with mini paintings!
November 23

October 2018

Featured artist: Stephen Berry


January 2019

Featured artist: Samantha McNally

Reception: TBD

Benicia Plein Air Gallery

307 First Street

Benicia, CA. 94510

Phone number: 707-297-5903

Save the Date! August 25 is our third annual Paint Out. 

February 2018

Featured artist: Rolando Barerro

Reception: TBA

July 2018

Featured artist: Judy Feins

Reception: TBA

January 2018

Featured Artist: Susan Street

Reception: January 13, 3-5

February 2019

Featured Artist: Susan Street

Reception: TBD

September 2018 

Featured Artist: JoAnn McMahon

Reception: TBA

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 April 2018

Featured artist: Catherine Fasciato

Reception: TBA

June 2018

Featured Artist Mary Lou Correia

Reception: July 14

August 2018

Group Show


Reception: TBA

Paint Out August 26

Visitors since September 2017

December 2018

Group Show, Theme TBA

Reception: TBA

The Gallery will be open till 8 pm for the Benicia Tree Lighting.
Christmas cookies from 6-8!

Original mini painting Christmas tree ornaments available throughout the month of December

displayed on the Gallery Christmas Tree.  The tree goes up on the day after Thanksgiving. 

March 2019

Featured artist: Rolando Barerro

Reception: TBA

March 2018

Featured artist: Dixie Mohan

Reception: TBA

Susan Street's “Cochiti Lake, New Mexico”

Reception- Saturday, January 13, 2018, 3 to 5
Dates of Show- January 4th to February 4th

"I have visited good friends in Cochiti Lake Pueblo, New Mexico too many times to count. Until this last visit, I found the desert uninteresting, yes, almost hostile….cactus, dry skin, no green and either too hot or too cold. I was there for the friends!

This last trip, the rains had provided clear, unlimited vistas of purples, reds and yellows; greenery abounded and the effect was breathtaking. THIS is what they were extolling all those years!
It was the first time in twenty years I wished for my paints in the desert. I appreciated every vista, walked for miles and took hundreds of photographs."

This show, January 4 through February 4, “Cochiti Lake, New Mexico”, at the Plein Air Gallery in Benicia, reflects that joy of discovery, the feeling of being slightly out of my comfort zone (painting the desert, working from photos) and how this California girl has come full circle in appreciating the desert. The reception will be from 3-5 PM on January 13th at the gallery. Everyone is invited to come meet my friends and family, and share in my joy of the first desert paintings I have ever done!