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Spring and Summer Hours: 

Fri - Sun,  noon to 6 pm

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Thurs - Sun, 11 am to 5 pm

And by appointment

Benicia Plein Air Gallery presents a year-round exhibit of work by all of our gallery artists showcasing a colorful variety of media and styles.

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During the month of  September a percentage of our sales revenue will support

Covid-19 relief charities.

Look for eligible paintings marked with a star.

Also a big sampling of paintings, including those featuring charitable donations, are  posted to this website. Click on th


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 We are OPEN for business, operating under Covid-19 guidelines and with a temporary new schedule:

Friday, Saturday & Sunday 

Noon - 6PM


the return of the "MINI"

a selection of minis are

available for purchase

Our Very Best Wishes to  departing member,  

Susan Johnson

A longtime member, Susan has been a sunny presence in the gallery and will be greatly missed as will her vibrant, unique art. Contact her at
if you are interested in buying a painting!

Upcoming Featured Artists:

December -                Group Show!

As a sample of "Fresh Works," below is a new painting by CAROL TARZIER.  

Peach Roses, Oil on Linen Panel, 6 x 6.$250
Carol Tarzier
Kathleen Gadway's painting, Seam #2, accepted to the deYoung Open Exhibit, San Francisco
Iris Sabre's painting, Hard Alee, accepted to California Art Club's Our World Reimagined

Welcoming Beth Winfield

Saying Goodbye to Susan Johnson

Before I start a painting, I ask myself what has driven me to paint this particular subject. Is it the distant blue hills, is it the water running through some sunlit trees, or could it be the soft enveloping valley fog? Maybe it’s the light on someone’s face, or light falling on some interesting objects? Usually, it’s an emotional connection I get from the above scenes as they present themselves to me. It’s this emotion filling my entire being that inspires me to pick up a brush to translate that feeling onto canvas.
I paint a variety of subjects from landscapes and figurative to still life objects, with landscapes being my primary focus. While I have studied with dozens of talented teachers, I have been particularly inspired by my landscape teacher Scott Christensen who has really stressed the importance of values. Now, included in my process of creating a painting, I do value sketches along with several compositional studies when I go out to do some plein air painting. Studying how the light affects the land at different times of the day and different weather conditions gives me plenty of subject matter. I paint while outdoors, take photographs of the scene, and take the value sketches home to do a larger version in the studio. I might also do several black and white studies to figure out the most appealing and strongest composition.

I strive to make a true connection between the viewer and my art. People who own my paintings have said they love how warm and inviting my paintings are. Someone recently said my paintings are somewhere between realism and impressionism. That’s exactly where I want to be. I strive to be more expressive with fluid brushstrokes to evoke more emotion. I love playing with with different brushstrokes and directional lines to bring the eye around the painting. Playing with different color harmonies is also one of my favorite techniques in painting. Hopefully, my passion for painting comes through in my work

Beth Winfield
Suzanne D'Arcy
Title. Double click here.
Susan Johnson

Painting en plein air in the time of Covid!

Click the link below (1st photo) to check out a video on the subject, starring a few of our members out enjoying their craft with masks, social distancing and panache! 

Featured Artist
September 1 - 27

JoAnn McMahon


Meet the Artist, Saturday, Sep. 12
"Reconnecting to my background in art is my passion. I see the work in exciting uncompromising lines, colors and shapes. I try to communicate that vision to the viewer in my work. Plein air painting is a grand adventure for all the senses"
Mt. Diablo from Mulholland Hill, Oil, 20 x 20
Catherine Fasciato will be Featured Artist at Valley Art Gallery, Walnut Creek, 9/29 - 11/7. Meet the Artist Event on Saturday, Oct 3, 12 - 5