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Spring and Summer Hours: 

Fri - Sun,  noon to 6 pm

Fall and Winter Hours:

Fri - Sun, 11 am to 5 pm

And by appointment

Benicia Plein Air Gallery presents a year-round exhibit of work by all of our gallery artists showcasing a colorful variety of media and styles.

Drop by to see what's new! 

During the month of   February a percentage of our sales revenue will support

Covid-19 relief charities.

Look for eligible paintings marked with a star.

Also a big sampling of paintings, including those featuring charitable donations, are  posted to this website. Click on th


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If you are interested in a painting, contact us at: 

Or if you prefer, click on the artist's name in the box in the upper left corner of this page and their website will come up with contact information.

 We are OPEN for business, operating under Covid-19 guidelines and with a temporary new schedule:

Friday, Saturday & Sunday 

11 - 5PM

Upcoming Featured Artists:

As a sample of "Fresh Works," below are new paintings by MARYLOU CORREIA & KAREN LEONI 

Sonoma Fall, Oil, 6 x 6, by MaryLou Correia

Painting en plein air in the time of Covid!

Click the link below (the 1st photo) to check out a CNN video on the subject, starring a few of our members out enjoying their craft with masks, social distancing and panache! 

February 2021   FEATURED ARTIST       
Stephen Berry
The Blessings of Small Things
Thanks to
PAUL J. of El Sobrante
who purchased Maria SantoStefano's  painting, Palm Parallels.

$150 of the purchase price was donated in his honor to The Food Bank of Contra Costa and Solano!
On The Coast Oil 11x14 by Karen Leoni
March 2021
Catherine Fasciato
Congratulations to Catherine Fasciato who has been accepted as an Artist Member of the California Art Club!
April 2021
Michael Dadasovich

Thanks to the buyer of Iris Sabre's painting, Buckhorn Cove! $235 has been donated in his honor to the Alameda Community Food Bank!

Kathleen Gadway's painting, Seam #2, is part of the DeYoung Museum Open Exhibit, SF

Stephen Berry

will be running a 3-day online workshop on Composition and Design, through the CWA (California Watercolor Association) on April 16,17,18th. Students will practice building stronger focal points through guided tasks and lectures. Subjects will include: thinking of compositions as a collection of abstract shapes, simplification of values, using a limited palette to compose through color usage, etc. To find out more and enroll, please go to Stephen's blog at-

Last June, Stephen Berry’s step-father Albert Bolter passed away. This February, Stephen is sharing a series of memorial paintings and poems. Paintings feature landscapes and locations influenced by Albert Bolter - paintings of landscapes from the Sierra foothills to the Coast redwoods, in conjunction with free verse poems that speak to the same subject matter, directly or emotionally. If you’ve lost someone too, or if a parent has guided you with love as you both have aged, these poems and paintings may speak to you. Personal, specific, and steeped in the natural world, the words and images come as a healing tandem.

The majority of the artwork will be for sale, and Stephen will be selling small chapbook collections of the tandem poems.

Stephen will be Host Artist at the Gallery for all of Presidents Day weekend, Feb 12,13, and 14th.

The Gift

He told me a story
about kindness.
He appeared when he didn’t need to.
And he stayed when he didn’t need to.
Free from the trappings of fatherhood, he acted as one.
And he did not ask for.
And he did not say so.

I came to him in the dark, 

on the steps of the porch.

I heard a story about kindness as I sat with him.

About my value to him.

And in it the leaves crackled 

as he rambled through the yard, food and music came from the earth, 

and he taught me how to stay, 

and to tend to,

how to till and foster, 

to be a ladder, and a shoulder, and a hand

on ones head.

I heard him listen as he strummed his guitar,

and it sounded like the wind in the pines.


707 567-6817

May 2021

Kathleen Gadway

More donations were raised in January, thanks to painting purchases by Birnbaum Realty of Benicia, and Benicia residents, Cynthia B. and Kathleen B. Thanks to All!

'Shrooms by Carol Tarzier (left) and The Procession by Catherine Fasciato (right) were accepted to the 5th Annual American Impressionist Society Small Works Showcase!
Reinert Fine Art, Charleston, SC       April 1 - 31, 2021