“Plein Air” means “open air” and signifies outdoor painting that captures nature’s light. Plein Air painting became famous in France in the 19th century. The invention of paints in tubes enabled impressionist artists, such as Van Gogh and Monet, to paint outdoors, en plein air.

"Not until the late 1860s, with the work of Claude Monet, Pierre-Auguste Renoir, and Camille Pissarro, the leaders of Impressionism, did painting en plein air become more popular. This change came about from 1881, when Monet, in his efforts to capture the true effects of light on the colour of landscape at any given moment, began to carry several canvases at once into the out-of-doors. On each he began a painting of the same subject at a different time of day; on subsequent days, he continued to work on each canvas in succession as the appropriate light appeared."

July 2018

Featured artist: Mary Lou Correia

Reception:July 14, 3pm - 6pm


November 2018

Featured artist: Sharon Hind Smith

Reception: TBA

Christmas Tree goes up

with mini paintings on
November 23

January 2019

Featured artist: Rolando Barrero

Reception: TBD

Benicia Plein Air Gallery

307 First Street

Benicia, CA. 94510

Phone number: 707-297-5903

August 25 is our 3rd annual Paint Out. 

Go to the 3rd Annual Paint Out Page for registration information

September 2018

Featured artist: Judy Feins

Reception: TBA

Benicia Art Walk

September 8

October 2018 

Featured Artist: JoAnn McMahon

Reception: TBA

Benicia Art Walk 

October 13

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June 2019

Featured Artist Susan Johnson

Reception: June 9, 4-6pm

August 2018

Featured Artist: Iris Sabre

August 2 - September 2

Reception: August 12, 3-5 pm

Paint Out August 25

Enter here

Visitors since September 2017

December 2018

Featured Artist: Samantha McNally

Reception: TBA

December 7 The Gallery will be

 open till 8 pm for the Benicia Tree

Lighting. Christmas cookies from 6-8!

Original mini painting Christmas tree ornaments available throughout

 the month of December displayed on the Gallery Christmas Tree.  

March 2019

Featured artist: Joanne Gustilo

Reception: TBA

Colors of Joy MaryLou Correia

July 5 through July 29, 2018

Reception July 14 from 3-6 during the Art Walk

Honoring the Stewardship of the Earth

The Benicia Plein Air Gallery Show will include oil and pastel paintings of Benicia, the greater Bay Area and small paintings of the creatures I met up close and personal while traveling the Amazon and Galapagos.

"Mindful of the changing environment, I relish the little surprises I encounter along the painting way, encouraged to think that maybe my appreciation for painting the living earth might spark joy and appreciation in others.

I venture out with a destination in mind, carrying different sizes of canvases to capture the moment when the sky swirls with organic shaped clouds, or the late light presents a kaleidoscope of colors and shadows.

In Benicia's Matthew Turner cove where I take my Plein air classes I was blessed by bald eagles feeding among the shore birds as I painted. At the foot of Mt Diablo coyotes crossed the path; I am very still and concentrating when painting so I become part of the scene and their sight is a gift for me. I've enjoyed bobcats resting early in the morning on the Mendocino coast, bison in Yellowstone and bears in Yosemite.

It is not just the creatures that thrill me it's the early Almond blossoms blowing in the wind that I try to capture in pastel pigment or oil paint or my water color sketch book on travel trips when there is not time for setting up.

For me the adventure is the process of painting, the meditative absorbing challenge of capturing changing light and the color I see in nature. Painting is my way of cherishing nature. I was out at Larrys produce, Suisun in the Fall painting in the flower fields with a fellow artist and she said, aren't we lucky. “ 

February 2019 

Featured artist: Catherine Fasciato

Reception: TBA

April 2019

Featured Artist: Judith Kunzle

Reception: TBD

May 2019

Featured artist: Stephen Berry

Reception: TBD

August 25, 2018